How Does It Works


Businesses Post Projects. Local College Students Do the Work


Our site brings college students and small businesses together. College students need money and experience working on projects relevant to their major. Small business need tasks performed at affordable rates. Our site provides a vehicle for the two to help each other. Small businesses post Request for Proposals (RFPs) for jobs they needed completed. College Students competitively bid on those RFPs and complete the required work. The end result is great for both groups. The college students gain experience while small business get affordable labor and the satisfaction of helping a local college student.

Our site provides a safe escrow based platform that protects both workers and buyers. Our site protects the buyer by insuring they will not have have to pay for the work until they are satisfied. For workers, we insure the buyer has the funds to pay for the job before they start the work. In cases of disagreement we arbitrate the solution based on our Terms of Service. There is no cost to list services or to browse. We take 20% of each transaction and offer a money back guarantee in case of a disagreement.

Process Overview

  1. Business list a project
  2. Students competitively bids on project
  3. Business accepts bid that meets their needs
  4. Student completes the work
  5. At the conclusion, the money is released to the student if the client accepts the work

Escrow Protection

Upon accepting a bid, the buyer pays work. EduLabor holds the funds until project is complete. Upon completion of the work, the buyer examines the work and if it meets the parameters of the project, they release the funds to the worker. If there is a disagreement between the parties, EduLabor arbitrates the disagreement per Terms of Service Agreement. The end result is a system that protects both the buyer and the worker.  The buyer only pays if the work is satisfactory and worker only starts to work after they are assured the buyer has the money to pay for the work.


It is free for businesses to create jobs and for students to browse for jobs. EduLabor (Syndicate Solutions LLC) takes 20% of the amount paid by the buyer upon the successful completion of a job.