**Design A 3 Sided Freelancing Marketplace**

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Posted on August 26, 2020


Project Desciption


I’m Mark a current senior hoping to disrupt the social media marketing industry with a content crowdsourcing application. After ample market research, I’ve learned production firms charge outrageous prices for advertisements that anyone could make with an iphone. My overarching goal is to seamlessly connect freelancers and contractors with an intuitive UI. Currently, I am looking for a functional prototype, preferably a full MVP, to demonstrate the capabilities our company would have with a full application. 

What I want:

  • A functional web app or even just a high fidelity prototype
  • Experience working with a group of motivated leaders 
  • To encourage creativity and autonomy within the group in order to give you all the most genuine startup experience possible 

Your outcomes:

  • Learning more about the entrepreneurial process through hands-on experience
  • Gain experience building the worlds first ‘3 sided’ platform 
  • I will guarantee you a job or fat check if I ever get this off the ground, and with you maybe I can
  • Having the freedom to design and collaborate your vision for my vision
    • I will do my best to guide you rather than tell you what to do. I want this project to be as if you all were starting this tech platform with me. No question is too dumb, no idea is to bold. Your team will have the freedom to add and expand on anything I bring to the table.
  • Free food. (I don’t have much of a budget but I can at least guarantee pizza and candy

Final touchpoints:

My site would take the confusion out of collaborating with freelancers. With an intuitive interface, brands and creators would be able to seamlessly curate and create any form of content. We manage everything from finding the perfect freelancer, to signing contracts, to payments. I’ve taken this idea through the Foundry’s Firestarter program, acquired potential customers, and now need something tangible so I can obtain investment and kickstart our future.

Last semester I worked with a CGT class to mock up a prototype so you will have access to all their prior work. I have everything from market testing to wireframes. What’s mine is yours. 

I look forward to seeing your video submissions. Tell me what you would do to run with this idea?

I would love for you to join me on this journey. I may not be a big brand, but I am determined to build this company. Also, if you ask me, being part of the team that helps build and emerging industry is pretty neat.

-Mark Niednagel


(317)989-1636 {text any time. I’d love to chat more if you’re interested}



  • completed Firestarter Cohort
  • placed top 10 in a $20k funding competition
  • have more than 3k LinkedIn connections
  • Mocked up prototype with CGT

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